Past PhD students

Experiment in glasshouse testing rapid evolution of introduced plants.

  • Laura Warman (PhD 2011) – Alternative Stable States in Australia’s wet tropics. Now Education Program Manager at Advancing Research Worldwide, Mexico.
  • Fiona Thomson (PhD 2011) – Global to local perspectives on seed dispersal. Now a postdoctoral researcher at Landcare Research, New Zealand.
  • Raymond Blick (PhD 2012) – Ecological associations and mimicry in Australian Mistletoe. Now a data analyst at UNSW Sydney.
  • Habacuc Flores-Moreno (PhD 2013) – Ecological Mechanisms and evolutionary patterns of introduced species. Now a postdoc at the University of Minnesota, USA.
  • Rhiannon Dalrymple (PhD 2015) – Patterns of colour diversity across communities. Now Program Director at Spark-Y Youth Action Labs, Minnesota, USA.
  • Jacinta Green (PhD 2016) – Fouling on marine macroalgae. Now Parramatta River Riverkeeper.
  • Sichong Chen (PhD 2016) – Seed size and seed dispersal. Now a research fellow at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
  • Floret Meredith (PhD 2017) – Herbivory and plant defense on islands vs. mainlands. Now an education officer at Sydney Botanic Gardens.
  • Claire Brandenburger (PhD 2019) – Rapid evolution in an introduced beach daisy. Now a research assistant at The Big Ecology Lab (see “Lab Members”)

Past Masters students

  • Joanna Buswell (MSc 2009) Rapid evolution in introduced species. Now an analyst at the Ministry for Environment, New Zealand.
  • Floor Soudijn (MSc 2009) Offspring size-number trade-offs in marine invertebrates. Now a postdoctoral researcher at the Technical University of Denmark.

Past honours students

  • Paul Chachelle (BSc hons) Herbivory on land and in the sea. Went on to a PhD at U Western Australia.
  • Karen Bartle (BSc hons) Evolution of seed dispersal ability in introduced Senecio madagascariensis. Now a team leader in plant biosecurity at Australian Quarantine Inspection Service.
  • Ellen Couchman (BSc hons) Rapid morphological change in introduced starlings. Now an Environment Advisor at BMA, Queensland.
  • Rhiannon Dalrymple (BSc hons). Do clonal species change as quickly as sexually reproducing species? Went on to a PhD at UNSW (see above)
  • Marianne Tindall (BSc hons) The latitudinal gradient in spinescence. Now a swimming teacher.
  • Thomas Meredith (BSc hons) Herbivory on land and in the sea. Now a lab assistant at the 4 Pines brewing company.
  • Timothy Hitchcock (BSc hons) The latitudinal gradient in plant longevity. Now works at Commonwealth Bank.
  • Stephanie Creer (BSc hons) Ecological processes underlying rapid evolution in Arctotheca populifolia. Went on to a PhD at U Queensland.
  • Martin Kim (BSc hons) Herbivory on introduced vs native populations of Arctotheca populifolia. Now a graduate environmental consultant.
  • Susan Everingham (BSc hons 2016) When Native plants invade novel ecosystems. Now a PhD student at UNSW (see current lab members).
  • Casey Gibson (BSc hons 2016) Development of reproductive isolation in introduced Arctotheca populifolia (F1 generation)Now doing a PhD at UNSW Sydney (with David Keith)
  • Sivagowre (Meena) Sritharan (BSc hons 2017). Are Australian Alpine plants changing in response to climate change? Meena is doing a PhD at the Australian National University in Canberra.
  • Coen Romalis (BSc hons 2017) Development of reproductive isolation in introduced Arctotheca populifolia (F2 generation)Now works at an Ecological consulting firm in Melbourne.
  • Neil Ross (BSc hons 2017) Why do spinifex hummocks form fairy rings?
  • Karen Zeng (BSc hons 2018) Using photoperiod sensitivity to predict phenological responsesto climate change. Commencing a PhD at The Big Ecology Lab in mid 2020 (see “Lab Members”).
  • Zoe Xirocostas (BSc hons 2018) Does the gender with the reduced sex chromosome die earlier? A comparison across the tree of life. Currently a PhD student at The Big Ecology Lab (see “Lab Members”)